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Wokefield Park
Stratfield Mortimer, Berkshire

The main house of Wokefield Park, as it now stands, was probably built for the Brocas family when they re-acquired the property sometime before 1777. There were alterations by Sir John Soane in the early 19th century and then continually from that date. There is, however, some vaulting in the cellars which may possibly date from the time of Sergeant Edmund Plowden, Treasurer of the Middle Temple, who purchased the house in 1569.

It is a large symmetrical composition of a three storey central block and wings, linked by two storey sections. Each front totals 13 bays. It has a Roman cement facing with raised quoins, cornice and balustrade, and a slate roof. On the north and entrance front is a Doric Stone portico covering the ground floor of the central block. There is a smaller version on the South front.

The interior is notable for its contemporary fireplaces, some wood panelling, moulded plaster ceilings and an early 18th century stairway with twisted balusters and moulded handrail.

Wokefield Park is part of a hotel and golf club complex.

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