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Abingdon Relics
Medieval Veneration at the Abbey

Those named below are the saints whose relics are in the church of Abingdon: Those classified by Abbot Faritius of holy memory, together with the older ones from the same church, the year of the incarnation of Christ 1116.

Some of the sweat of Our Lord Jesus Christ & some of his cross. Fragments of a nail of his crucifixion, of his table & of his tomb.

Of the Apostles:

Some of the Bones of St. John the Baptist.
Some of the Beard of St. Peter the Apostle.
Some of his cross & pieces of his clothing, & similarly of St. Paul the Apostle.
A bone & tooth of St. Andrew the Apostle & some of his cross.
A bone of St. James, brother of the Lord, & pieces of his clothing.
A bone of St. Batholomew the Apostle.

Of the Martyrs:

A bone of St. Stephen the Protomartyr & some of his Cloak & Dalmatica, & of his hair, & of the rocks with which he was stoned.
Of St. Vincent, an arm & a hip, & parts of his leg & his rib.
Of St. Laurence, Deacon & Martyr, a finger & part of his rib.
Of St. Victor the Martyr, his arm & a whole rib, & part of another rib & many other bones.
A finger & tooth of St. Sebastian the Martyr.
A part of the smaller arm bones of St. Dionysus, & his finger.
A tooth & finger of St. George.
Some of the head of St. Pancras the Martyr.
Some of the arm of St. Firminus the Martyr.
A finger of St. Hippolytus the Martyr.
A tooth of St. Eusebius the Martyr whose feast is on the 14th August.
Bones of the Holy Innocents.
Some of the blood soaked shirt of St. Edmund, King & Martyr, which clothing he was wearing at the hour of his passion, & some of the wood from his sarcophagus, & some of the covering of his pillow, & some of the boxwood chips with which it was filled.
Of St. Edward, many parts.
Parts of these Martyred Saints: John & Paul, Tiburtius, Valerian, Cosmas & Damian, Fabian, Simplicius, Nereus & Achilleus, Symphorian, Cyriacus, Sixtus, Bishop & Martyr, Christopher, Boniface, Leodegarius & Eustace.

Of St. Cedd & of the Confessors:

Of St. Cedd, Bishop & Confessor, his head & jawbone, & an arm with other bones.
Of St. Aldhelm, Bishop & Confessor, his head, a tooth, & part of a shoulder, & a whole hip.
Of St. Aethelwold, a whole leg, & an arm & finger, & some of his hair.
An arm of St. John Chrysostom.
Some of a rib & other bones of St. Bertin, Abbot.
Some of the beard of St. Cuthbert.
Some of a rib of St. Audeonus.
Some of the bones of the Confessors.
Some parts of the hands of SS. Martin, Nicholas, Silvester, Gregory, Benedict, Abbot Maurus, Bishop Germanus, Augustine, Ambrose, Medard, Vedast, & Amand, Gorgonius, Winwaloe, Wandregisilus, Wilfred, Columbanus, Samson & Hilary.


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