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St. Andrew's Church 

The church at Chaddleworth is largely of late 12th century date. The main south doorway is a fine example of Norman zig-zag work, but the old story that it came from nearby Poughley Priory is unlikely to be true.

The upper portion of the tower was rebuilt in the 15th century; and the two so-called 'family pews' - more like small transepts - were built by the Blandy & Wroughton families in 1706 and 1810 respectively. They are the best examples of their kind in the county. A new chancel was added in 1851.

The 12th century font is very plain. The pulpit is a cut-down version of an 18th century three-decker. The dominant feature of church is its large collection of monuments to the Nelsons of Chaddleworth House, the Tippings and Wroughtons of Woolley Park and the Blandys of Oakash. Several are rather imposing, though none really draw one's attention. The best is that to Mary (1618) and Dorothy (1619) Nelson which, upon close inspection, can be seen to include incised kneeling figures of the two ladies and their children in black marble.


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