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Coleshill Church
Monument to the Pleydell Family

East Wall of South Chapel: Brass Plaque

This monument was erected by Sir Mark Pleydell Bart. in 1787 to the memory of his 5th great grandfather, Thomas Pleydell and the rest of his male line ancestry. Thomas erected the chapel in which the monument stands in 1499 but his effigial monument beneath its niche to the south has unfortunately disappeared. Sir Mark outlines details of his ancestor's will on the plaque as well as an extensive family tree covering ten generations:
William Pleydell (a descendant of Thomas of Coleshill c.1275) b. circa 1425 & d. 1495 & Isabelle; their son, Thomas d.8th October 1527 & Agnes; their daughter, Rose, wife of Ambrose Champneys, & their son William d. 1555 & Agnes daughter of Robert Reason of Corfe Castle d. 1567; their sons Tobias of Faringdon d. 18th October 1583, Gabriel of Midgehill, John of Westcot & Ilsley & Thomas of Amney Crucis d. November 1605 & Anne daughter of Higgs of Cheltenham d. December 1599; the latter's sons, Edward of Cricklade & John of Shrivenham d. July 1635 & Anne daughter of Oliver Ayshcombe' the latter's son, Oliver d. 1680 & Martha daughter of John Brind d. 1682; their son Thomas b. 1645 & d. July 1670 & Mary Pratt b. 16th Fenruary 1666 & d. 1711; their son, Thomas b. 26th December 1669 & d. 2nd February 1717 & Jane Stuart of Hartley Maudit (m. 21st January 1691) b. 21st August 1665 & d. 6th December 1692; their son, Mark Stuart b. 29th November 1692 & d. 16th October 1768 & Mary Steuart (m. 14th January 1719) b. 13th November 1700 & d. 31st December 1747; and their daughter, Harriet (m. 18th January 1748 Longford Castle) b.21 October 1723 & d. 29th May 1750 & William Bouverie, Earl of Radnor.


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