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North Hinksey
St. Lawrence's Church 

Until the 18th century, North Hinksey Church was a mere chapel under the control of Cumnor Parish Church. The building is mostly of 12th century date, with a western tower added a hundred years later. It features windows of various periods and a fine mid-12th century south door with chevron ornamentation and animal head stops. The church was partly restored in Victorian times.

The stonework of the tower incorporates parts of the old font as well as the head of the 13th century preaching cross, the steps and shaft of which can be seen in situ in the churchyard. It is gabled and displays one hand of the figure of a Calvary. Internal features include a number of tablets with cherubim to the 17th century Fynmore family. Other than the manor, they owned the only estate of any importance in the parish, as well as the lucrative ferry across the Thames to Oxford. 


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