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Reading Relics
Medieval Veneration at the Abbey

Relics relating to Our Lord:

  • A Cross, from Constantinople, gilt with gold, offered to Christ.
  • His foreskin, which Emperor Constantine is stated to have sent to King Henry I.
  • A piece of Our Lord's shoe.
  • Blood & water from his side.
  • Several stones, pieces of rock & earth from Bethlehem & other places.

Relics relating to the Virgin Mary:

  • Some of her hair, "as it is thought".
  • Parts of her garments, of her bed and of her tomb.

Relics relating to the Patriarchs & Prophets:

  • Parts of the rods of Moses & Aaron.
  • Part of the rock which Moses struck.
  • Manna from Mount Sinai.
  • Three teeth & bones of St. Simeon.

Relics of the Apostles:

  • The hand of St. James & the cloth in which it is wrapped.
  • The robe of St. Thomas.
  • A tooth of St. Luke the Evangelist.

Relics of the Martyrs, Confessors & Virgins:

  • The bones, the teeth, the hair, the arms, the fingers (eg the finger of St. Andrew), and the heads of many of them.

An Inventory of the said relics:

  • St. James' hand.
  • St. Philip's skull.
  • A bone of St. Mary Magdalen & more.
  • St. Anastasia's hand & more.
  • A piece of St. Pancras' arm.
  • A bone of St. Quinton's arm.
  • A bone of St. David's arm.
  • A bone of St. Mary Salome's arm.
  • A bone of St. Edward the Martyr's arm.
  • A bone of St. Jerome & more.
  • Bones of St. Stephen & more.
  • A bone of St. Blaise & more.
  • A bone of St. Osmund & more.
  • A piece of St. Ursula's stole.
  • A jawbone of St. Aethelwold.
  • Bones of St. Leodegarius & of St. Herefrith.
  • Bones of St. Margaret.
  • Bones of St. Arnulf.
  • A bone of St. Agnes & more.
  • A bone of St. Andrew & two pieces of his cross.
  • A bone of St. Frideswide.
  • A bone of St. Anne.
  • With Many Others.


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