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St. Mary's Church, Winkfield -  Nash Ford PublishingWinkfield
St. Mary's Church

Winkfield is an extraordinary church. From the outside, it is a handsome building of standard format, with a fine Berkshire brick tower. However, you will never see anything quite like the interior anywhere else. For the nave consists of two wide bays redesigned in 1592 with the huge wooden supporting columns running right down the middle of the central aisle. Thus thwarting the intentions of bride and groom to walk down it. Despite other legends, carvings indicate the oaks were given by Queen Elizabeth I and a charming poem on display records this. The chancel walls were beautifully decorated by Woodyer in 1858. There is a charitable brass to one of the Montagues from Killbees Farm who was a 17th century beefeater; a good monument to Thomas Wise, the builder of the dome of St. Paul's; and some lovely modern glass. In the 1310s/20s, the Vicar of Winkfield was a certain William Pagula who became well-known as the author of a number of books to aid parish priests. Particularly popular was his 'Oculus Sacerdotis', a manual of pastoral theology. Late in his life, he became a champion of the local people of Windsor Forest and wrote complaints concerning their exploitation by the King's men.

Architecture: Late 12th century church with large brick tower of 1629 and rebuilt Victorian Chancel. Excellent woodwork of 1592 dividing the nave in two.

Monuments: Thomas Montague 1630 Brass figures; Thomas Wise 1685 Cherub adorned tablet.

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