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Windsor Relics
Medieval Veneration at Collegiate Chapel Royal

Jewels & relics within the Table of the High Altar:

One Noble cross called Gneth.
One Cross of the Wood of Our Lord's Cross (set with sapphires).
A Portion of the Milk of the Virgin Mary (within a crystal pot).
Two Thorns of the Crown of Our Lord (held by a silver gilt angel).
One Silver-Gilt Cup which was St. Martin's, in which is kept:
Part of the Skull of St. Bartholomew.
One Cup made of a Griffin's Egg, in which is kept:
Part of the Skull of St. Thomas the Apostle.
Two Fingers of St. George (in a silver-gilt & beryl reliquary, the gift of Prince Thomas of Woodstock, Earl of Buckingham).
One Bone of St. Gerard (in a silver-gilt & beryl vessel in the shape of a chrismatory).

Jewels & Relics always standing on the High Altar outside the Table:

An Arm Bone of St. William of York (within a bejewelled silver-gilt arm reliquary).
A Certain Part of the Arm of St. George (within a silver plated arm reliquary).

Unenclosed Relics:

One Bone of the Arm of St. Osyth.
One Bone of the Arm of St. Richard (of Chichester).
One Bone of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland (the above three in a bejewelled silver-gilt wooden shrine together).
One Bone of St. Thomas of Hereford.
One Bone of St. David.
One Bone of St. William the Englishman.
One Bone of St. William of York.
One Part of the Jaw-Bone of St. Mark, containing thirteen teeth.
One Bone of St. Gerard (in the table of the altar).
One Rib of One Virgin of the Eleven Thousand Virgins (companions of St. Ursula).
One Bone of St. Maurice (in the altar).
One Bone of St. Elizabeth.
One Rib of St. Vitalis.
Part of the Brain of St. Eustace.
Part of the Skull of St. George.
Part of the Table of the Lord's Supper.
Part of the Tomb of Virgin Mary.
Some of the Blood of St. Thomas of Canterbury (the above four in a chest together).
One Stone with which Blessed St. Stephen was stoned.
A Shirt of St. Thomas the Martyr.
One Comb of Blessed Edmund the Archbishop (of Canterbury).
A White Girdle of St. John the Evangelist, which he gave to Blessed St. Mary (the Virgin).
A Small Part of the Skull of St. Thomas the Apostle
Part of One Candle of the Blessed Virgin (Mary).


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