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General Details concerning
Ford's Landed Gentry of Berkshire

Welcome to Ford's Landed Gentry of Berkshire Database, the ultimate genealogical database of noble, manorial, landed and heraldic families associated with the Royal County of Berkshire (in the UK). Over 140 different families from across the county covering 9,864 individuals. Details of some are more extensive than others, but the database is expanding all the time and is updated online at regular intervals.

The database covers Berkshire families and those from adjoining counties who frequently married into such families. Some of the latter, particularly the more well-known noble families may not be listed in the fullest of detail, and the Royal family have not yet been fully integrated. Although I have done my best to ensure all information is as accurate as possible, the database is designed as a guide only. If reproducing information from it, please include a return link. HtmlPedigree has been chosen to display the data because it generates full family trees rather than simple pedigree charts, displays all available information and gives both the user and web-browser a multitude of export and viewing options. I can find no draw backs with this program. It is just excellent and highly recommended to all genealogists and family historians wanting to load their data up onto the web. Many thanks to Chris Phillips for writing it and making it so easily available and at such a reasonable price.

Already, fifty surnames have over thirty members listed and twenty-seven have over fifty. The most prolific names, each with over a hundred family members are Hyde, Englefield, Throckmorton, Garrard, Yate, Eyston, Norreys, Blagrave and, course, the ubiquitous Fettiplaces. It is of no surprise that two of these clans claim to have been resident in the county as early as Saxon times (Hyde & Englefield), whilst another (Eyston) still live today at the manor first owned by their ancestors in the mid 12th century! If you are a descendant or genealogical or local researcher actively delving into the history of any of these families and are able to contribute further details, please contact me.

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