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Berkshire Heraldry: Norreys

Coat of Arms of the Norreys Family of Ockwells (Bray) & Yattendon, Berkshire -  Nash Ford Publishing

This is the Coat of arms of the Norreys family of Ockwells (Bray), Yattendon & Winkfield. The arms were used by them, but were originally those of their ancestors, the Ravenscroft family from Northamptonshire. The chained beaver supporters were used by the early family, but Lord Norreys and the Earl of Berkshire are said to have used chained monkeys instead. Were they really monkeys or just deformed beavers? The Earl also adopted the arms of Norreys of Fifield (Bray) and Speke (Lancashire) in place of these.


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