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Demonic Intervention
Places to Go

The Church of St. Michael, Bray is well worth a visit, especially for the connoisseur of ancient brasses. The Chantry Chapel, now the Parish Hall, is easily found round the back of the church, displaying the old carving. Take note of the lychgate in the churchyard which is an actual house; and don't miss Jesus Hospital in the village, built as an almshouse in 1609. The figure of its founder, William Goddard, over the entrance is said to walk down to the river for a drink whenever the church clock strikes midnight! There is nothing to see at Water Oakley save the Brayfield Arms Hotel which has no connection with the story whatsoever. It stands in Monkey Island Lane. The Island was said to be so called because in his fits of madness, George III stayed there with a pet monkey. West Hanney Church is also worth a look.

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