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Home of the Berkshire Lady

  • Calcot Park is a brick Georgian mansion in Tilehurst, near Reading. It used to stand in the middle of a deer park.
  • The previous house was the home of Frances Kendrick (descended from John Kendrick's brother). She married her husband, Benjamin Child, in quite extraordinary cirmcumstances.
  • They were very much in love. When Frances died, Benjamin couldn't bear to live at Calcot without her and sold it to John Blagrave.
  • Then he changed his mind & wouldn't leave. They had to take the lead off the roof & let in the rain to flush him out.
  • Benjamin left but the house was ruined. Blagrave tore it down 7 built the present house instead in 1755.
  • His family lived there for many generations.
  • The house is now flats. The park is a gold course.
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