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Welcome to all Parents & Teachers

A big welcome to all parents and teachers. Many thanks for visiting 'RBH for Kids'. This is just a brief introduction in order to give everyone an idea of who we are and what we're trying to do on RBH. Please send us lots of feedback and suggestions, and tell us what the kids think too!

The Royal Berkshire History website was originally set up for anyone interested in anything to do with history in the county of Berkshire (in the UK). Because the site is history based, we use the boundaries of the 'Historic County'. That is to say those places administered by the pre-1974 Berkshire County Council. So you can find lots of information on Abingdon, Wallingford, Wantage & Faringdon, as well as Reading, Newbury, Wokingham, Bracknell, Windsor & Maidenhead. We've included Caversham too, although this only joined in 1911. Sorry if your school is in Slough. We don't cover that area yet. We were proud to launch our 'Kids' section in February 2004.

The Royal Berkshire History website has been completely designed and written and is owned and maintained by me, David Nash Ford. The Kids pages are produced in consultation with my wife, Margaret. The drawings are all drawn by me and are Copyright of Nash Ford Publishing. Parents, Teachers and Children may of course use them for educational purposes. We are further able to offer colouring sheets for you to download in pdf format. Laminated photographs and colour drawings are also available to purchase upon request.  Please e-mail us if you think this would be of interest.

We are trying to cover all aspects of history in Berkshire, from all periods and in all places. Of course, this takes time. So please be patient. Subjects laid out in the National Curriculum for UK Schools have been/will be covered in greater detail. This has, so far, largely concentrated on History Key Stage 2.  We have loaded up a number of new pages based on requests from schools, so If you would like information on something we have not yet covered, please e-mail us and we'll see if we can help out. 


    Nash Ford Publishing 2004. All Rights Reserved. Suitable for National Curriculum History Key Stage 2.