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Hillforts in Berkshire
for Berkshire

You can find good examples of hillforts across the county. Sometimes you can see them from a distance, sometimes only up close. A few have only been found by excavation. Look out for:
  • Abingdon Enclosure at Abingdon
  • Alfred's Castle at Ashbury
  • Badbury Camp at Great Coxwell
  • Blewburton Camp at Blewbury
  • Borough Hill at Boxford
  • Caesar's Camp at Easthampstead
  • Cherbury Camp at Charney Bassett
  • Cholsey Hill Camp at Cholsey
  • Grimsbury Castle at Hampstead Norreys
  • Hardwell Camp at Compton Beauchamp
  • Little Coxwell Camp at Little Coxwell
  • Membury Camp at Lambourn
  • Oareborough Castle at Hampstead Norreys
  • Perborough Castle at Compton
  • Rams Hill Camp at Kingston Lisle
  • Ramsbury Corner at Bucklebury
  • Segsbury Camp at Letcombe Regis
  • Silsbury Hill Camp at Cholsey
  • Sinodun Camp at Little Wittenham
  • Uffington castle at Uffington
  • Walbury Castle at Inkpen


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