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What is being Hung, Drawn & Quartered?
Traditional British Punismanet

Being Drawn on the Rack -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • In Britain, criminals were executed by hanging them on the end of a rope.
  • This was slow and painful. The victim could hang for some time before they died. If they were lucky, the fall would break their neck immediately.
  • Very bad criminals were often hung, drawn and quartered.
  • First they were hung and cut down while still alive. Argh!
  • Then they were put on a 'rack'. Their feet were tied to one end and hands to the other and they were stretched or drawn out. Ow!
  • They would then be cut open while still alive. Usually, all their insides would be taken out and burnt before their eyes. This would kill them. Ooo!
  • Lastly, their dead body was cut up into four quarters. Usually, each part was taken to a different part of the country and displayed as a warning to others.
  • Yuck!


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