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Who were the Vikings?
People from Across the Sea
  • Viking Warrior aboard Viking Long Ship -  Nash Ford PublishingThe Vikings were the people of Scandinavia.
  • They lived across the North Sea, in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • They were excellent sailors and could travel great distances on the sea. Their ships had frightening dragons carved on the front.
  • They were also great warriors and were very violent in battle.
  • They raided England, Scotland & Wales for many years, murdering the people and stealing gold and jewels, particularly from monasteries.
  • The Vikings were Pagans.
  • In the 9th century, huge armies of Viking warriors invaded Britain. They took over most of the North of England and parts of Northern Scotland, but were driven out of Wales.
  • Their families joined them and they settled down as farmers.
  • Another Viking army invaded England in the 11th century. The English were defeated and the Viking leader, Canute, became King of England for a while.


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