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The Blagrave Vault
during Sonning Church's Restoration (1852)

We next opened the vault under the vestry, belonging to the Blagrave family, who lived formerly at Bulmershe Old Manor House. This also was full of coffins; but here we made a most curious discovery. Against the wall at the East end of the vault, was placed the stone monument representing several figures kneeling, which is now in the Chapel with the Rich monuments, in the South Chancel Aisle. We could not account for its being placed in the vault. Though curious and interesting, it is not of sufficient value to have been put there for security. There were other fragments of monuments in the vault, and I can only suppose therefore that they were all thrown in there out of the way, in some of the lamentable alterations and demolitions that must have taken place at different periods during the last two hundred years.


From Hugh Pearson’s “Memorials of the Church and Parish of Sonning” (1890)


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