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Soldier who was In & Out of Favour

  • Prince William was the Duke of Cumberland. He was the 2nd son of King George II and uncle of King George III. He lived in the 18th century.
  • He joined the army and fought in a war in Europe called the War of the Austrian Succession. He was later made Captain-General in charge of the British Army.
  • Back in Britain, he was sent to Scotland to fight the Jacobites. These were people who thought that the King’s cousin, Bonnie Prince Charlie, should be on the Throne.
  • He defeated them at the Battle of Culloden near Inverness in the Highlands. He then sent his men to find any Jacobites in hiding. They ransacked the countryside, burnt houses and killed lots of innocent people. This earned William the name of Butcher Cumberland.
  • The Prince went to his father’s German kingdom, called Hanover, to fight in a World war called the Seven Years’ War. He was defeated by the French and had to sign a treaty pulling out of the war. His father was not happy. William was sacked as head of the army.
  • Prince William came home. He settled at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park. He was the Ranger there. He paid for lots of building work and made the house twice as big. He also had the lake dug at Virginia Water.
  • William loved horses. He bred race horses at East Ilsley, Cranbourne & Cumberland. He went to Ascot Races a lot. He also kept a small zoo at his Lodge.
  • He gave advice to the new king, George III; but he died when he was only 44. 

       What happened next at Cumberland Lodge?


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