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Later ruled as King George IV
  • King George IV was the son of King George III. He lived in the 18th & early 19th centuries. As Prince George, he enjoyed drinking, partying and spending money. He had lots of girlfriends.
  • The King didnít like how the Prince lived. He did not like his political views either.
  • Prince George was forced to marry his German cousin, Princess Caroline of Brunswick. The two did not like each other. They had a daughter, but soon separated.
  • King George III suffered from madness. So Parliament decided to appoint a regent to rule for him. They chose Prince George. He became known as the Prince Regent.
  • The Prince Regent had a London home and a seaside pavilion at Brighton, but he wanted a country house in Windsor. The Castle was falling down, so he couldnít live there.
  • He decided to live at Cumberland Lodge; but Parliament wouldnít give him the money to do it up. So he lived in the smaller Royal Lodge instead. He ended up spending even more money on that. The prince kept his zoo nearby too.
  • The British army was busy fighting against the French Emperor, Napoleon, who was trying to take over Europe; but the Prince Regent didnít care. He spent all his time holding extravagant parties at his Lodge. He became very fat.
  • His daughter fell in love with a poor German prince. The Prince Regent didnít think he was good enough for her. He locked her up in the Cranbourne Tower until she forgot about him.
  • When the King died in 1820, the Prince became King George IV. He refused to let his wife into the coronation at Westminster Abbey. She tried several entrances, but had bayonets pointed at her and the doors slammed in her face.
  • He was the first king to visit Scotland and Ireland for hundreds of years.
  • He decided the Royal Lodge was too small for him. So he renovated Windsor Castle and moved in there instead. He had many health problems for the rest of his life though because of his party lifestyle.

       What happened next at Cumberland Lodge?


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