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The Monastic Kitchen
Where Monks Cooked
  • Monk working in the Monastic Kitchen -  Nash Ford PublishingThe monks prepared their food and cooked their meals here.
  • It had massive fireplaces with roaring fires on which to cook the food. There were big chimneys to take away the smoke. A very posh chimney can still be seen on the Checker Hall of Abingdon Abbey.
  • Because the building got so hot, there was a big central vent in the ceiling to let the hot air out and fresh air in.
  • It was built near the refectory so that the food didn't get cold before it reached the table.
  • It was also near the Abbot's House for the same reason. The Abbot ate his meals alone or with guests.
  • Some monasteries had kitchens specially for baking bread. They were called bakehouses. The bakehouse of Abingdon Abbey still stands today.


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