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The Mill
Where the Monks ground Corn into Flour

Monk working in the Mill -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • This was one of the places where the monks worked.
  • The mill was used to grind corn, so that it gave up the flour inside.
  • The fast flowing water in the river turned a huge wheel with paddles.
  • This turned various cogs and other wheels which led to a big flat stone rotating against another stone. These were the 'Mill Stones'.
  • Corn was poured into a hole in the top of the upper stone. It was then crushed in the gap between the two stones.
  • Flour then came out of the grains of corn. It was collected together and put into big bags.
  • Some bags of flour were taken to the abbey kitchen to turn into bread. Some were sold at market.
  • The mill at Abingdon Abbey can still be seen today.


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