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The Monastic Stables
Where Monks kept their Horses

Monk working in the Monastic Stables -  Nash Ford Publishing


  • This is where the monks kept their horses.
  • Each horse was kept in a kind of room called a 'stall'.
  • The monks needed horses to travel to their lands and farms around the country or to 'daughter-houses' (smaller abbeys or priories which they were in charge of). 
  • Reading Abbey had a daughter-house at Leominster in Herefordshire, 130 miles away!
  • The abbot might have to visit London or Windsor to attend Parliament or visit the King.
  • The horses might also pull carts and take abbey farm produce to market.
  • The stables were near one of the main entrances to the abbey. Visitors could lodge their horses there immediately they arrived.
  • The stables at Reading Abbey stood where the library is today.


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