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Helena holds the Fort while Siblings Rule Europe

  • In the 19th century, Queen Victoria let Royal officials live at Cumberland Lodge.
  • In 1869, half of the building burnt down. Queen Victoria came to watch the fire. The fire brigade sprayed her with water! She got very wet.
  • After the house was rebuilt, the Queen’s favourite daughter went to live there with her German husband. He was made Ranger of the Great Park. They were called Princess Helena and Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein.
  • Prince Christian didn’t have much money. Helena's sisters married ruling monarchs and lived all over Europe. By giving them a house near Windsor Castle, the Queen was able to keep Helena in England to keep her company.
  • Princes Helena did lots of charity work and paperwork for her mother.
  • She was visited by her niece, Princess Alexandra, and her husband, the Emperor of Russia. They liked the children’s nannie so much that they persuaded her to work for them in Russia instead.
  • Unfortunately, there was later a revolution in Russia and many of the nobility were killed. The Royal family and their servants were all executed – including the poor nannie.

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